Clan Lamont Pipe Band is a Scottish pipes and drums band located in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Until now their visual identity was based on the their tartan (the pattern on the kilt). Because times are changing and the younger generation might think pipe and drums bands are old fashioned they decided to hire me to create a new visual identity, which reflected their heritage but also shows how they grow with modern time.

Created was new color palet, based on the colours in their tartan, a business card that showed their love for Scotland but with a modern twist an invitation, Facebook banner and poster to their 5th annual gathering, in the new visual style and a print for on sides of the bass drum.

To reflect Scotland I decided to use an commercial free image of the Highlands of Scotland. The band is allowed to place any image behind the logo, aslong as the color gradient filter is placed on top, to maintain the same visual language. The crest (the logo with the hand) is part of the heritage that may not be touched. It has always been the same and connects the band with the clan Lamont. I wanted to use this crest in a new way, which could be extended to analogue use. With that we decided to start using the crest as a transparant stamp, both visible in the business card and the invitation. Whenever the band decides to communicate analogue they can use the stamp of the crest which they already own to mark it.