Independent design research on the emotional relationship between audio and video, based on the phenomenon Exulansis. Exulansis is the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because others will not be able to relate to this experience, which allows it to drift away from the rest of your life story until it becomes almost a mythical memory, not able to find a place to land.


The project was realized in 5 days using only online accessible video’s on youtube, following the 6 steps as below.
  1. Divide exculansis into 5 phases:
  2. Create 4 synonyms for each aforementioned phases
  3. Select 3 videos on Youtube for each synonym without listening to the sound, using the parameters “video’s”, “short <4min.” and “most recently uploaded”
  4. Edit the audio from those videos into 5 audio tracks corresponding to the phases, leaving the visuals attached to the audio tracks but not looking at them.
  5. Render only the visuals attached to the audiotracks
  6. Expose the 5 final videos onto 5 different screens (as shown in the video as seen in the header of this page)